2007 was the inaugural year for Alchemy. It started as a thought, and then grew to a small meeting of people in a living room. A group of friends got together and decided to make it happen, and each person took on a role. Thus, the first Alchemy teams were born. That year, we had several team lead meetings, and we all worked together to create the event. The 2007 event grew from a thought to a 350+ person participatory experience in just a few short months. 

After the conclusion of the 2007 burn, a town hall meeting was held in order for the team leads to recap their roles at the event, and to solicit comments from the community. A Board of Directors was voted on and chosen by the community to oversee finances for the burn and make key strategic policy decisions. 

The event functioned with an event lead as the main executive decision maker and vision keeper, with the BOD functioning as oversight and as idea people until 2011. In 2011, we decided to change things up a bit and move the Board to a more strictly oversight role, and have event leads for Alchemy and Euphoria act in more executive roles.

From 2007 to 2011, Alchemy grew from 350-something people to more than 2700 people. For 2012, we expect 3500 participants. Alchemy is now the biggest official regional event in the United States, and the second largest regional in the world. 

For 2012, Alchemy is changing in order to better represent and accommodate our huge, dynamic and ever-growing community. Alchemy is now run by an event lead team, rather than a single person. We have added more teams, and we are focused on including more people in leadership roles so that we all share in the work of making this thing happen. We are also more focused on art and community education, and helping people understand the burn experience. Get involved! 


Alchemy by year:

2007   374 Sept 21-23  
2008   656 Oct 2 - 5 First year we had swag, First year we had a Temple
2009 Shock and Awe 992 Oct 1-5  
2010 Skeleton Key 1727 Sept 30 - Oct 3  
2011 Mutagenesis 2791 Sept 29 - Oct 2  
2012 Choose Your Own Adventure 3499 Sept 27 - Oct 1 First year with a ticket cap
2013 Catalyst 2501 October 17-21  
2014 Tabula Rasa 3200 Oct 1-5 First year produced by Flashpoint Artists Initiative
2015 Amalgamation 3200 Oct 1-5