2017 Alchemy Theme: Effervescence


There have been any number of pointy obstacles that nearly punctured our fragile little burn bubble this past year. But after 11 years, it's more than just an obligatory determination that keeps us going. There's a lively and enthusiastic tenacity from all of us - participants, TCOs, artists, leadership, the board, and our committee members - to continue holding this space that so many of us hold so near and dear to our hearts. That's what this theme celebrates; the high-spirited and resilient.

Tickets haven't even gone on sale, yet participants are asking how they can volunteer, artists are poring over their projects, theme camps are organizing, and leadership are sitting in planning meetings. This thing we do is fun and hard, exhilarating and exhausting, home and impermanent, and it all deserves celebration. 

So, prepare the celebratory bubbly beverages and whatever uplifts your soul, and let's have some shenanigans while we build this silly, beautiful thing in the woods! 

See you at home!

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